Farewell Greg & Linda

Today is also a sad day for me – One of my best friends, Greg Lewis, and his fiancĂ© (and also good friend) Linda are heading out of town. They are going camping for a couple weeks before moving to Missoula, Montana. Greg has been a great friend – working on the houses, having beers, working through all kinds of personal twists and turns, and always being there…

We will miss you guys so much! But maybe a fall trip to Missoula….yippee.


  1. J. Sewell says:

    What, no photo credit for your mostly lame photographer!? Did you see how special I made G appear to be! Must have been the slick new cam. ; )

    G – It was nice to hang with you a little last summer in CB at the Jill & Sinj celebration. My memory is a little fuzzy, but I’m thinking it was you and Sinj that took me down that black mogul run in vail a couple years back. I’m much indebted to you both for relieving me of the dillusion that I can kind of ski. Best wishes to you and Linda in your new endeavors and locale.

  2. S. Breyer says:

    Sorry to here you are losing a great friend, but hey it is Montana! Sounds like a road trip.

    Drop me a line sometime. I was just out in New Mexico with the family visting Doug. He still talks about you to this day!

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